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New Zealand Overview

New Zealand, a veritable paradise located in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, has gained popularity among global travellers because of its immeasurable beauty. This picturesque scenery has captured the imagination of thousands of tourists who purchase tickets aboard flights that terminate in New Zealand. Being an island nation, it features impressive coastal scenery that allures any visitor who sets foot on its shores. Additionally, the indigenous flora and fauna are unique hence large portions of both the North and South Islands are designated as protected wildlife reserves and national parks. Those seeking an adrenaline rush need look no further as New Zealand is arguably the capital of various adventure sports such as spelunking, bungee jumping, sky diving, black water rafting, kayaking, surfing and much more. Those boarding New Zealand bound flights do not just go on a holiday, they actually embark on an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Top Destinations in New Zealand

This amazingly scenic country is sparsely populated. Much of the area is comprised of pristine protected forests, and there are only a few major urban centres of note. Those booking cheap flights to New Zealand would probably enter the country through key entry ports such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Hamilton. These urban centres are among the top man-made attractions in the country because of the preponderance of museums, popular restaurants as well as leading resorts and hotels in these areas. Apart from these other popular attractions are the numerous islands off the coast and the numerous beaches of different hues that abound throughout the country. The amazingly diverse landscape of the area includes leading nature reserves and national parks such as the Abel Tasman National Park, Tongariro National and Fiordland National Park, where adventure lovers can find numerous trekking/mountain biking trails as well as campsites.

Flight Tickets to New Zealand

There are many airports in New Zealand that handle international flights and popular points of entry into this exquisitely beautiful country include Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Queenstown and Wellington. Britons seeking tickets to New Zealand often prefer airlines such as Air New Zealand, British Airways and Qantas among others. Besides, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Emirates are few other popular carriers offering tickets from UK to New Zealand. Travellers seeking onward connectivity to popular destinations in the country have the option of booking with local operators like Jetstar and charter services in the area. Heathrow is the most preferred airport that many travellers from UK choose to depart on flights to New Zealand owing to higher frequency and added choice of flights here.

New Zealand Quick Travel Facts

Geography: Located in the Southern hemisphere New Zealand is a scenic island country in the midst of the Pacific Ocean

Capital: Wellington

Key Holiday Destinations: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, Dunedin, Hamilton.

Popular Airports: International Airports at Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin and Queenstown.

Popular Airlines: Air New Zealand is the national airline with hub at Auckland International Airport.

Language: English is the Official Language along with Maori.

Time Zone: UTC +12

Popular Holidays: Beach, Sightseeing, Wilderness Adventures Culture and History, Shopping, Sports holidays, Wine tours.

British High commission: British High Commission,
44, Hill Street,
Wellington- 6011.
New Zealand.

Best Time to Visit the New Zealand

New Zealand is a year round destination. Travellers can book tickets on flights depending on their interest and preferences. The summer (December to February) with pleasant weather is ripe for visiting the beaches of the North Island, enjoy sailing in Bay of Islands and revel in the jamborees of Christmas and New Year. However, it is the busy tourist season with high demand of tickets aboard New Zealand flights and expensive accommodation. Budget travellers, on the other hand, can make hay of winter season (June to August) when accommodations and travel tickets are comparatively cheap.

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