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Middle East Overview

Middle East is renowned to stir the soul! It was here some of the most substantial civilisations originated and where several religions of the world were born. It is like a spectacular open-air museum laden with ancient cities, legendary heritage and even modern wonders. The marvellous region is revered as one of the most captivating and rewarding travel destinations on face of the earth. Middle East exactly knows how to inebriate with Arabian charisma and spellbind with scenic desert and landscape. Blessed with overwhelming sea of sands, meandering lakes, Red Sea, Sahara desert and striking mountains, it is a place to behold the munificence of Mother Nature. The genial hospitality and gracious welcome by the people of the region creates an everlasting impact on the minds of visitors. The energy and aplomb oozing out of its every nook and cranny is plainly contagious and compels visit here over and over again. Booking tickets aboard Middle East flights for holidays to its top destinations is the most honest approach to spoil oneself with inimitable prerogatives of the lifetime.

Top Destinations in Middle East

Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates are some of the top destinations that increase the demand for cheap flights to UAE by leaps and bounds. The quintessential Mideast character is what binds these places together which draw multitudes of overseas explorers here for immersing in its ecstatic charm. United Arab Emirates is a star attraction that never fails to create an impact. Thanks to its spectacular emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ra's al Khaymah that offer everything what it takes to have delighting vacations. Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo and Luxor regale the guests with countless unique possibilities spanning varied holiday interests like history, culture and natural pursuits. Bahrain's authentic 'Arabness' and legendary lures cast a fascinating spell whose magnitude is way too big for a country this size. Besides, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait are some intriguing stamping grounds that pamper with utmost of sightseeing attractions, shopping delights and dining options

Flight Tickets to UAE - Middle East

Middle Eastern destinations including UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman are well-connected to major airports of UK including London Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham. Heathrow remains the popular choice of not just the travellers departing Britain but also of the travellers taking connecting flights from UK to Middle East. A host of British, Middle Eastern and foreign airlines offer air tickets for direct and indirect flights to these destinations providing extensive options to Britons. There are a plenty of airlines that offer air tickets to UAE. Emirates, Etihad, British Airways, Qatar Airways and Gulf Air are the top choices for most travellers to travel to the UAE. Oman airways, the national carrier of Oman offers good choice from London Heathrow to travel to Muscat. Other airlines on the route include KLM Royal Dutch, Gulf Air, Qantas, Air France, Jet Airways etc. Kuwait Airways, KLM, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways are the popular choices for those seeking tickets aboard Kuwait bound flights from London Heathrow.

Middle East Quick Travel Facts

Geography: Most of the Middle Eastern region is part of Asia but it is located in the area where the continents of Africa and Asia meet. It is bordered by the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Major Countries: UAE, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt.

Key Holiday Destinations: Dubai, Sharm al Sheikh, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Fujairah, Tel Aviv, Doha, Cairo, Muscat, Ras Al Khaimah.

Key Airports: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi International, Muscat International, Ben Gurion International, Cairo International, Seeb International, Doha International.

Key Airlines: Etihad, Gulf Air Emirates, Egypt Air, Oman Air, El Al Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Language: Arabic is the official language in most countries of the Middle East. However English is widely spoken and understood throughout the region.

Popular Holidays: Cultural and Historical, City Breaks, Desert Safaris, Sightseeing, Adventure, Shopping, Beach, Winter Sun.

Top Beach Holidays: Sharm el Sheikh, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Sharjah, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Dubai, Hurghada.

Best Time to Visit the Middle East

Winter months of October to April are the best times to get hold of air tickets and board flights for holidays at the Middle East destinations. The relatively cooler period makes it easy for tourists to move around and enjoy the interesting outdoors in the region even better. Also, check out the Shopping Festival of Dubai that takes place during the period (January)! However, availability of cheaptickets to UAE could be an issue during the peak season.

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