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"To travel is to live!" Nothing could be closer to truth than these words by the Danish author and poet, H.C. Andersen. Our planet is a vast place and keen travellers are always looking to explore, hoping to unravel and seeking to unearth the mysteries hidden in its womb. With burgeoning demand for air travel around the world, more and more new operators are seen entering the fray. The new Middle Eastern carriers have virtually changed the rules of the game and have actually thrown open facets of air travel which were hitherto unknown. Asian carriers are opening up new connections and are now flying record passengers. European and American carriers, the traditional favourites, have only expanded their reach with time. It has only become easier for people to shed their inhibitions and start boarding flights that will take them to places as unique as India, as lively as Thailand, as interesting as Australia or as grand as the USA! Perks are now more. The privileges are now better. In-flight lounges and bars, extra spacious seating cabins in flights, incredible hospitality, award-winning cuisines, staggering entertainment, mood lighting & what not - experience it all as your flight takes you to the destination of your choice, which could be anywhere on the planet!

Top Destinations in the World

There is so much to see in this world and a heaven lot to experience. From the Egyptian pyramids to popular temples in India and from New York's Statue of Liberty to Sydney's Opera House, the possibilities are endless when the soul is set upon only the world's best! A number of travel magazines and travel groups continue to rank worldwide destinations based on the riveting charm and allure of their key draws, popular tourist trappings, tourist attractions and things to do. Some of the top destinations that have remained all time favourites include the likes of Las Vegas & Los Angeles (USA); Goa (India); Sydney (Australia); South Africa & Egypt (Africa); and Singapore & Malaysia (the Fareast). Some destinations that have recently made their mark on the world travel map include Kerala & Jaipur (India), Dubai (UAE), Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Thailand. Pack bags, grab flights and greet the world!

Preferred Global Airlines

Thanks to the myriad international airlines, the world is fast becoming a smaller place. While the old guards stand their ground, a number of new, stylish airlines are coming up that promise an even higher standard of travel and comfort to people. Carriers of America like Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are the traditional large operators that serve hundred millions of passengers every year. Big European players like Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, British Airways and Iberia have their own loyal patronage. The likes of Air India, Air China, Thai, Malaysian and Singapore Airlines hold fort for the Asian continent. But it is the likes of Etihad and Emirates (both Middle East based carriers) that have started swaying in fliers seeking worldwide flights. Increased competition has led to the airline's offering better in-flight services and on ground experience. The member airlines of global airlines alliances of Star Alliance, oneworld, skyteam are usually preferred by those who seek flights for global destinations and desire greater benefits.

Flights with Us

Wright brothers made flying possible, we made cheap flying possible!! Travel Trolley has in its inventory a large menu of air travel products that allow you an enjoyable flying experience, great in-flight services and extreme pocket-friendliness. We deal with every major airline and offer flights from United Kingdom to all key destinations including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean. From 5-star full-service carriers to low-cost budget airlines, travellers will have all the choices in the world when they book their flights with us.

Flights Tickets for Worldwide Holidays -World Just a Flight Away!

This time do it differently. This time do it big. This time go for worldwide vacations! Travel to places that seem far, greet a culture that looks new and make friends who seem strange. A worldwide holiday is wonderful way to accumulate the best the nature and the mankind has to offer like the rare sunlight in Canada. From the auburn spirituality that resides in India to the risque delights that call Bangkok their home in the Far East. From the inundation of massive haunts in Sydney to the heritage ride in Sri Lanka. From the glowing beaches in Miami to roaring lions in South Africa. The world is filled with venues and avenues that are stranger than a writer's fiction, more arresting than works of lovelorn poets and more beautiful than a skilled painter's rendition! Book tickets, take flights from UK and get ready to unravel the unknown, the unidentified. It sure will be a journey like nothing else!

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